Payment Methods


For payment by credit card we have chosen the best partners to ensure the security of your payment and a secure connection. At the time of payment, symbols, key or padlock in your browser indicating that you are in a secure connection. The payment gateway is only usable for registered in your bank in the service of secure payment by credit card users if you have this option enabled on your credit card, the transaction will be automatically rejected by our payment and must consult with your bank to update or register your card in this secure payment method. They will not be accepted credit cards belonging to countries outside the European Community.


By placing your order, have a period of four days to make the payment or transfer, you must provide your name and order number when performing the operation. After this period, the customer must place a new order to the conditions and prices prevailing at the time. The order will only be sent once the deposit has been made effective in our account, so if it is sent urgently recommend to make a deposit at the window, because transfers take 24-48 hours paid. It is very important you notify us making the payment, it will help us identify more rapidly and your shipment will be made much faster, you can do so by e-mail or telephone.


You can pay for your order securely using PayPal.